« le: 22 January 2016 20:34:39 »
j'aimerai savoir si les jeux videos PC ou autres consoles de jeux  sont compatibles pour le lecteur de la FREEBOX .

Je recherche un bon jeu de rally ( payant ) soit par téléchargement ou cd compatible FREEBOX .


« Réponse #1 le: 21 February 2024 11:01:33 »
Free-to-play games often only provide free access to a limited portion of the game, requiring players to pay to progress to further levels to access the full game. Some F2P games generate revenue from advertisements such as banner ads, video ads,  Slope unblocked   or ads that reward players for watching.Free downloads of games sometimes conceal malicious software. This includes “plug-ins” sometimes required to run certain games. By operating in “administrator mode,” you open yourself to the risk that an attacker could gain complete (administrator-level) control of your computer.The free-to-play model attempts to solve both these problems by providing a game that requires relatively low system requirements and at no cost, and consequently provides a highly accessible experience funded by advertising and micropayments for extra content or an advantage over other players.