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--- Citation de: beneathjudgmental le 25 April 2023  05:21:23 ---Quoi de neuf, je vais essayer la même version et j'espère que cela fonctionnera pour moi aussi.

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The Freebox Player Mini 4K runs on Android TV, which means you can download and install games from the Google Play Store. However, it's important to note that not all Android games are compatible with the Freebox Player Mini 4K, as the device may have different hardware specifications compared to other Android devices like smartphones or tablets.

To check which games are compatible with the Freebox Player Mini 4K, you can search for games on the Google Play Store directly from the device. You can also check the game's system requirements and reviews to see if other users have successfully played the game on the Freebox Player Mini 4K.

Additionally, you can use a game controller to enhance your gaming experience on the Freebox Player Mini 4K. The device supports a variety of Bluetooth controllers, including the Xbox One and PlayStation DualShock controllers.

Overall, while there may be some limitations on the types of games you can play on the Freebox Player Mini 4K, there are still plenty of games available for you to enjoy.


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