2010 new nike dunks
« le: 12 November 2010 07:45:43 »
I’d like to try this again with a slightly larger shoe, & next time I will do the cutting outside – it smoked & stank something fierce! Now my apt. smells like burnt rubber. I had to wear goggles also a bandanna because the amount of  smoking hot rubber chunks that were going in every single place.

It works! I had to play with nike dunks the positioning of the cleats a bit, but they lock in & Custom Nike Dunks unlock fine. they appear comfortable  for jogging around, Nike Dunks 2010although they are a small tight. This is because of the thickness of the Girano insole. Nike Dunk HighI reckon this would work better had I used a shoe a half-size bigger than what I usually wear. Nike Dunk Low Foot retention decent; I could skid without any worry of coming out of the shoe.

So far, they appear fine for jogging around, & fine for casual running. & you can’t tell they've cleats in them unless you see the soles.   Of work, I need to make use of them for a couple weeks to  know.  This first attempt was an experiment / proof of idea.  In a couple weeks I’ll be prepared for a round 2, with a pair of size 10′s.   I’ll try to document the process better that time, maybe make a video.  meanwhile, leave a comment to let me know in case you reckon this is icy, & in case you try this mashup yourself.