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The popular Wordle game is the inspiration for the free online game wordle unlimited. By entering your guesses and getting feedback on how many of them are right or wrong, you can guess a five-letter secret word in this game. You may play with either English or Vietnamese words and choose the degree of difficulty for the concealed words. You can even create your own code words and notify your friends about them. I tried Wordle Unlimited, and I was pleasantly surprised by how challenging and engaging the game was. Not only have I learned a ton of new languages, but I also understand the distinctions between Vietnamese and English characters. In addition, I like speculating and have attempted to figure out other people's secret words. I think this is a great game to improve your vocabulary, memory, and ability to reason logically.

The popular horror-themed arcade game, poppy playtime chapter 3 , has released its third iteration. You'll continue to battle the terrible toy monsters and discover the murky details of the Playtime toy factory throughout this phase. To take remote captures or unlock circuits, you must use your GrabPack. You'll need to solve puzzles and gather resources in order to avoid Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy, Bron, and their other friends who will be hunting you.
Mob Entertainment is now working on Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, which should be released in June or July of this year. The thrilling conclusion of Part 2 served as inspiration for this episode, in which Poppy abruptly guided you to the unnamed Playcare zone as you were departing the Playtime Co. facility by train, just in time to prevent the ship from falling into the pit. Every worker at Playcare, a nursery that had previously been housed in a toy company, vanished for no apparent reason. Given the gas mask in the trailer for Part 3, there will undoubtedly be terrible creatures nearby. There was talk that the third chapter of Poppy Playtime would offer gamers an original, horrifying experience in addition to an intriguing plot. With a PC and BlueStacks, you may use iOS and Android devices to play Poppy Playtime Chapter 3. See whether you can escape the imaginary toy factory alive by reading Chapter 3 of Poppy Playtime.

A fun and engaging word game for players of all ages is waffle unlimited. You have to locate the hidden words in this challenging game, which has a square alphabet that can be horizontal, vertical, cross, or spiral. The game's degree of difficulty, which varies from easy to tough, and its content, which covers subjects like science, geography, animals, food, and culture, may also be customized. You have three minutes to solve as many words as you can to earn points each time you play. Ideas can also be useful when you are mindful. Playing the game Waffle Wordle will increase your vocabulary and sharpen your reasoning and analytical abilities. See how many words you can find by playing Waffle Wordle.

Ever thought that being a babysitter was a simple and enjoyable job? Would you be interested in giving the weirdest and scariest childcare position you've ever heard of a try? If so, give the intriguing horror game  the baby in yellow a try. In it, you'll have to take care of a baby who is going crazy due to a sinister force. In addition to the typical tasks like feeding, changing diapers, and putting them to sleep, you'll have to deal with the strange and horrible things that occur in their environment. He is able to fly, shape-shift, and attack you at will. To solve the mystery surrounding her presence, you'll need to make it through the game's eight chapters. Along with amazing 3D graphics and horrible audio, the game boasts a compelling story.
Services : dysfonctionnement ligne, Freebox Server et interface / Connexion VPN
« Dernier message par Binome-x le 03 December 2023 18:40:05 »
j'ai un problème avec l'utilisation du client VPN sur ma freebox pop en fibre optique (freebox OS 4.7).
Je n'arrive pas à me connecter, que ça soit avec PureVPN ou NordVPN, en Openvpn ou pptp. Je ne sais pas si ça vient de moi ou si c'est global.
Est-ce que quelqu'un y arrive ?
Bretagne, Normandie et Pays-de-Loire / Re : En attente de la fibre
« Dernier message par TheSailor45 le 03 December 2023 05:37:51 »

Généralement sont fibrées en premier les zones avec des canalisations souterraines. Ensuite les aériennes plus complexes à mettre en place.
Pour avoir la primeur des offres Free (qui seront très vite proposées du fait qu'Orange fibre votre ville et du partenariat Free/ Orange), comme le dit Busyspider, il suffit d'indiquer sur la carte Free votre adresse, puis de cliquer sur la fusée et sur le bouton "me tenir informé" => un email automatique vous sera envoyé dès que votre adresse sera éligible...
Merci @Busyspider pour le suivi !
Au moins ça me donne une date, chose que je ne parvenais pas à obtenir par le biais de la hotline...
Je vous tiendrais au courant

Alors c'est moi qui t'apporte la réponse suite à la remontée auprès de Free .. on  fait de l'entraide souvent ensemble avec Sebastopaul .

Pas vraiment une bonne nouvelle, mais cela a quand même l'avantage de savoir ce qui se passe.

>> Donc apparemment le PM (Point de Mutualisation)  est HS et les travaux de remise en service  pourraient durer jusqu'au 21/12/2023<<<

On tachera d'avoir d'autres nouvelles sur l'évolution si le délai est dépassé.
N'hésite pas à faire un UP sur le sujet pour nous le rappeler.

Et si c'est réparé entre temps, tiens nous au courant, bien entendu.
Oui. Je les ai communiqués au Relais Colis lors de ma réclamation. Ils m'ont confirmé que le colis est perdu lors de l'acheminement par écrit

Peux tu me transmettre ton identifiant, nom et prénom, les photos de la preuve de dépot et le message de perte du  Relais Colis  en MP


01-12-2023 - 04h46

Votre colis a été retourné à l'expéditeur. Il n'est plus dans notre réseau."

Une clarification me parait donc nécessaire

C'est pourtant clair
L'expéditeur est Free. Forcément le transporteur n'a plus le colis vu qu'il l'a remis à FREE.
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